Exercise and healthy Foods to Increase Height

Published: 22nd June 2010
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The first in the list of height increase exercises is hanging. When we hang on to something, by the natural force of gravity, the lower portion of our body gets pulled down. These exercises are very helpful for people who are looking to become taller as it tones the muscles in your lower back, straighten and decompose your spinal cord and regenerate your spinal disc. The second in the list of exercises to increase height is swimming. This type of exercise stretches the muscles in your body inducing growth hormones that help you to grow at a faster rate. Among height increase exercises running, too, is considerable. Long distance running is very beneficial as it lengthens and strengthens the micro fibers in your legs.

Along with the exercises mentioned above to increase one's height, increase in height also depends on your diet. Like all diets, foods to increase height include wholesome foods. Replace chips and fries from your plate with baked potatoes. There are many types of food available in the market which can help you attain height. The first in the list of foods to increase height is protein rich foods. These foods rich in protein provide the amino a necessary element to build muscle tissue. Protein rich food includes beef, poultry, fish, eggs etc.

Foods providing Calcium and Vitamin D are also the foods to increase height. These help in making one's bone strong which is useful in promoting good posture. Vitamin D helps one's body to absorb calcium. You can get this vitamin from dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Besides the above mentioned foods to increase height, fruits and vegetables are also in the list. These types of food are full of vitamins and antioxidants but are low in sugar and fat. You should try to eat a variety of fruits with many different colors.

While following the diet chart you should remember to limit the intake of bad foods and do height increase exercises regularly. Immoderate consumption of alcohol and fast foods should be avoided at all cost.

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